Study on Industrial Exemptions

Together Louisiana’s new study, “Costly and Unusual,” analyzes Louisiana’s Industrial Tax Exemption Program. Under this program, the State of Louisiana, through a state-level board called the Commerce & Industry Board, currently is giving away $16.7 billion in local governments’ property tax revenue as subsidies to corporations, without the approval of those local governments.

It is the single largest program of state subsidies for corporations in the nation.

Click the links below to download the study in pdf form:

Main Body: “Costly and Unusual: an analysis of Louisiana’s Industrial Tax Exemption Program”

Appendix A: breakdown of costs to parishes, school districts and all local services with a dedicated millage.
Appendix B: summary of manufacturing property tax exemption programs in other states.
Appendix C: pending ITEP applications for June 24th, 2016 meeting of Commerce & Industry Board.

Summary presentation of study’s findings:

Click here to see how much the program is costing every parish, including a breakdown of all local public services with a dedicated millage (school districts, police, libraries, parks, drainage, levees, etc.)