Tax Fairness Petition & Campaign Materials

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Tax Fairness Campaign Resources

On May 2nd, 2016, Together Louisiana launched a statewide campaign of civic education about the profound inequities and inadequacies of our state’s tax system. This page has the materials we are using in this campaign.


I) Tax Fairness Civic Academy Video: “The Great Louisiana Tax Swap, 2008 to 2016”

II) Sign-in card for Tax Fairness Civic Academies. (Have everyone fill one of these out, then scan and email them to

III) One pager on Together LA AND Tax Fairness Statement.

IV) Sample agenda for Tax Fairness civic academies. (Not yet uploaded)

V) “Great Tax Swap” powerpoint presentation.

VI) Positions of various faith traditions on taxes and justice.

VI) To download one-pagers on various Louisiana tax topics, click the topic below:
One pager #1: “The Stelly Plan
One pager #3: “The Industrial Tax Exemption”

VII) “Costly & Unusual”: Industrial Tax Exemption Powerpoint